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Welcome to Roscoes Garage

Full Market place for all your Motorcycle, Truck, and Hotrod need's
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Welcome to Roscoes garage.


We are now in Lathrop, MO


We are now taking ordered for Custom CNC Plasma work.

if you have a need we can draw, it cut it and ship it to you.



or email






Roscoe's product lines include but not limited to:


Ranch Hand 

1.       Bull nose

2.       Legend

3.       Summit

4.       Head ach rack



1.       Trucks

2.       Bikes

3.       Boars

4.       ATV



1.       Car units

2.       Bike units

3.       Boat units

4.       ATV



1.       Smarty

2.       Smarty JR


Bike Parts

1.       Hoppe Industries

a.       Batwing

2.       Parts Unlimited

a.       Metric

b.      V-Twin

c.       Tires

d.      Chrome

e.      Clutches

f.        Pipes

g.       Big Boar Kits

h.      Rebuilt and gaskets


3.       Custom Parts


4.       Amsoil


Tires and Wheels

1.       Truck

2.       Cars

3.       SUV

4.       Bike

5.       ATV


Performance Parts for Hotrods

1.       Headers

2.       Carbs intake combo

3.       Cams

4.       Rebuild kits



1.       Leather

2.       Helmets

a.       Daytona

b.      DS

3.       Lowlife Shirts

4.       Roscoe’s Shirts

5.       Mechanics Shirts

6.       Women’s Clothes

7.       Men’s Clothes


Man Cave Items 

1.       Tables

2.       Bars

3.       Coat rack



1.       Bikes Shows

2.       Car shows

3.       Sporting



1.       Custom Parade setup

2.       Custom Designs anything from racing recliners to flying carpets

3.       Racing Kart Parts

4.       Bar stool Racer


Roscoes Garage
Lathrop, MO